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Eric Philbrook
How I got here

My journey into the field of architecture started when I was in high school as a product of curiosity and my love of art.


Everything I observed turned into an investigation into its existence and still does today. How are the loads transferred? How are the materials layered? What is behind that surface? What was the intention behind this design?


My curiosity extends to industrial design as well. I find myself analyzing connections and the hierarchy of systems. From automobile design to a French press, and even with my passion for bicycles, every detail is scrutinized.


As an artist, I was never particularly strong. Art for me was, and still is, a struggle.  But the struggle is what fuels my passion. Art is not binary. Art is a fluid and dynamic process. I believe Art is the ultimate expression of oneself.


Architecture brings synergy to my life by allowing me to investigate and create. It is a humbling profession that always provides an opportunity to learn.

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